Thursday, October 7, 2010


Corruption is a hot issue all over the world but in pakistan the topic of corruption is very common and every citizen is well aware of it. Every citizen says that corruption ha destroyed the whole system in Pakistan. Every one talks about the destruction of the society and the social institutions due to corruption but why we do not go into the depth and try to know about the facts that has promoted corruption in the country. Why we do not go into the depth and find out the reality that who is responsible for this corruption at grass root level?

In my opinion we people are corrupt ourself because we are the people who have promoted this social evil in our society and we have never tried to overcome this evil. We are responsible for promoting the corruption in the country because we pay money as bribe to a policeman in the police station. we give mony to a wapda employee or a telephone lineman. We buy a patwari or a revenue officor for the completion of our work. Regretfully our all major departments are involved in corruption and an employee from lower level to the highest level is involved in corruption and who encourages them to do so? The answer is certainly ''WE'' people encourage them to do so. We have never tried to stop corruption in our homeland but the card is still in our hands because when we will refuse to give bribe to the people from grass root level i hope that the graph of corruption will definitely go downwards and this change will play a great role for the progress and development of the country.So, for the elimination of corruption from the country we need to bring a change in our minds and souls then we will become able to be a civilized state in true meanings.

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  1. Jessi Rja wessi praja.
    the solution could be to stop pay bribe.