Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 The present age is the age of competition and if the individuals or communities want to make progress then they have to compete with them but now the competition is not to get most power through weapons or ammunition.Now there is the competition on the basis of economy the countries that are economically sound they are enjoying as the leading nations in the world.Now coming to the actual point I would like to say that Pakistan and India both have a very lager number of population that is a huge market for all over the world so they are investing here in this part of the world and are earning a large amount of income.Western interests are always seen to get power from the Indo-Pak region because this a very big market for them on one end and on the other end two very big rivals are also there who are always seen in the business to get more and more power by buying the latest weapons and who sales these weapons to both the countries? It is west who is making the weapons and is selling them to India and Pakistan and in this way there business is on the top in the weapon industry but our leadership has never thought about this perspective that the amount which we pay for buying these latest weapons in both the countries may also be spent on the development projects,it can be spent for building more educational centers,health centers and other social welfare programs in India and Pakistan.In short the only solution for progress and development in the region is in peace and we should have peaceful dialogues between the leadership of both the countries otherwise we can not live in peaceful environment.
The enmity must be changed into a true friendship forgetting all the disputes of the past,we should have a soft boarder now between both the countries and this would be a best option for us and our upcoming generations.We should set an example for the world that now we are committed to see peace and harmony in the region and by doing so I assure you that we will make progress rapidly and our economy will compete as the leading competitors of the world and will prove us as the leading nations.

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