Sunday, October 17, 2010


The whole Islamic world is surrounded in troubles at present.It is also not wrong to say that the Islamic countries are degraded to a high degree by the west and this is the fact that the Islamic states are humiliated all over the world.The reason for this highly humiliation and insult is that there is no unity among the Islamic states.The Islamic countries and their leaders are not close enough and the relation of the Islamic brotherhood that should be the priority of all the Islamic states is not seen anywhere and as a result the circumstances are very pathetic for the whole Muslim world.There is not any organization or alliance that protect the Islamic values and unite all the states together for any common cause.Although there is OIC (Organization of Islamic countries) but is seems failing to unite the Islamic states.The concept of Islam and Muslim is perceived as a terrorist and terrorism and extremism is linked with Islam by the western forces.These forces are actually weakening the Islamic world and the west and United States both are hitting the Islamic countries one by one but no Islamic country is taking the initiative to stop this cruelty and injustice that is going on with Islam.The western forces are damaging the Islamic states one by one but there is no one to stop them.What is happening in Kashmir,Philistine,Afghanistan and Iraq this is enough for opening our eyes but we are seeing all this just like a statue.If we will not think about this seriously at present then the day will come that the whole Islamic world will be damaged by the western forces.If we want to protect our self and our religion then we must be united and we should make a powerful alliance against the anti Islam forces.My dear Muslim brothers this is the time to be united and if we will not do so at present then we will be destroyed one by one and no one will come to us for help.So,the Islamic unity is important for the survival of the Islam and Islamic countries.

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