Thursday, October 7, 2010


Pakistan is the country that came into existance in the name of Islam. Pakistan also has the honour to be the first atomic state in Islamic countries and seventh in the world but unfortunately desparation is seen all around at present in the country as it is facing a number of challanges such as poverty, corruption, terrorism, extremism, lack of political leadership, lack of economc resources and foreign pressure and involvement in the country matters etc. All these problems are surrounding the country and are the biggest hurdles in the way of progress and development of the country. The country is in serious trouble at present. In this bad time the only hope for betterment of the country is youth of Pakistan that can play  very important role in changing all the situation that we are facing at present and fortunately the youth in Pakistan is more than 50% that is a hope for us. This youth can play a vital role in bringing positive change in the country. Its the responsibility of the youth of Pakistan to come front and must understand their responsibility as the only hope for the survival of the whole nation is our young and energetic children who have to prove themselves as the NATION BUILDERS in true sense. The young people have to take their responsibility now and to prove infront of the whole world that our young blood,our rising stars are the best among the whole world. Wake up my dear young fellows its the time to bring peace and harmony in the whole country and to survive Pakistan. Lets join our hands together for the survival of our motherland because its the time to change our fate, its the time to change our attitudes and its the time to change ourself, its the time for change dear fellows.

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