Monday, October 11, 2010


Now by the grace of Allah Almighty there is a democratic government in the country. This democratic government is the true representative of the nation. The elected government is making all the good policies in the larger interest of the nation.

Our honourable representatives of this democratic government. In other sense they are the survivors of the democracy.They all are beating the drum that the democracy will not allowed to be damaged but they must define first of all that what is democracy in their dictionary.I think that here democracy means to be elected as the member of the assembly and then enjoy the life with the country's poor people income. This democratic government came to serve the poor people of the nation the people who are our leaders now they raised the slogans of food,shelter and clothing but what they are doing now with the people.They have even snatched the piece of bread that poor citizen was earning.The prices of the basic commodities are increased more than double and people are even committing suicides now.Sugar,flour,petrol and gas etc that are the most important things to live are almost rare for the people, in the same way other kitchen items have very high prices that they are becoming out of reach of the poor citizens.This was the government for which a poor man was dreaming of that this government will give relief to them,this government will end all the problems they were facing,they were thinking that this government will give them the freedom to enjoy their lives but unfortunately the democratic government has failed to do all that people were thinking about.Every day the stories are seen that a person killed his family due to hunger or unemployment.
At one hand people are living in extreme poverty but on the other end our leaders the representatives of the democracy are living like kings of very wealthy states, their living standards are very imaginary and amazing for us but this amazement also do not force and allow us to move forward and speak out against this injustice that we are facing as a nation.  These people took oaths to serve the nation but perhaps they have forgotten now that they promised to serve the people.They are now living in their own self made world which is not long lasting and will definitely come to an end one day because every rise must faces a fall.At the end I have the question here that ,Is this the democracy for which we elected our representatives?Is this democracy for which the leaders promised with the nation?Perhaps no one have the answer of these stupid questions.

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