Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A minority is a sociological group that does not make up a politically dominant voting majority of the total population of a given society. A sociological minority is not necessarily a numerical minority, it may include any group that is subnormal with respect to a dominant group in terms of social status, education, employment,wealth and political power.
Minorities are present in all the countries people of different religions and sects are found in all over.Due to the improvement in the transportation and communication sectors the distances between the countries are removed now and this thing has converted the whole world into a Global Village but the concept of majority and minority is still there and people are ranked as the minority group and the majority group this is so due to the behaviours and nature of the people.
It is seen that all over the world minorities are considered as the disgraceful group by the majority group of the country.Why is it so?even the most developed nations of the world are seen doing so and the minority groups in those states are living in pitiable conditions.In United States, United Kingdom and other European countries the people from other states are disregarded by the citizens and governments as well and specially the Muslims are being targeted a lot by those states in the recent years.
In some countries like France Muslim women even don't have the right to use veil (Hijab) and the hijab is prohibited there as the French Parliament passed a law prohibiting wearing a full-face veil in public.In India Hindu-Muslim clashes are the witness of the fact that Muslims in India are not enjoying the rights of free citizen in some areas of the country.When we talk about Pakistan here the difference is also seen that the minorities here in Pakistan are also facing the troubles.We have never seen that our media that is highlighting almost every thing has given or specified time for the minorities here in Pakistan.
We have seen that mostly the sweepers in our streets,offices,schools and colleges etc are from the Christian community and these people even do not have the right to sit with us the majority group.Their concept in our mind is just as a sweeper or a gate keeper.The Hindus and rest of the minorities are also not given respect in our country.
I just want to say one thing here to all the people that if they want to get regard and respect in other countries then they must give regard to the minorities living in their own country because everyone have same feelings,demands and wishes as we have.
Lets start respecting every citizen of the state forgetting the religions and sects because humanity is above all.When we will do so we will feel our self better than the citizens of those highly developed countries who are entangled in the useless thinking of religions and sects.We must respect every citizen of the state because if we want to earn respect from others then we should give respect to all the citizens forgetting the religions and sects because honour and respect is the basic right of every citizen.

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