Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Karachi is the city which is the economic hub of the country and the overall economy of the whole country is disturbed when the business centre of the state Karachi is closed.But unfortunately from the last year the city of the lights Karachi is once again under a huge threat and the panic is observed all over, the killing of the citizens has reached to its peak from last few days.Every day it is heard that the people killed in target killing and this target killing has reached to its peak.People are feeling fear when they come out from their houses,they do not go out and the business is almost closed.The killing of the people is increasing day by day but our government both the provincial and federal are not doing anything and it seems that the government is not playing her role other then a spectator.P
In the last few days the number of the citizens who lost their lives as result of this target killing has reached more than 300.Who were these people and who killed them?They were the citizen of the Pakistan but the killers are still not pointed out by anyone from the government or any other law enforcement agency.
Every political party in Karachi which is the stakeholder in the Parliament also is blaming her opponent some accuses that MQM is the culprit,some claims that ANP and some blames the others but we have never thought about the other angle of the picture that there might be some foreign forces which are hidden behind and are trying not only the killing of the citizens of the country but also damaging us economically and politically.

In this destruction there might be the element of the involvement of the Indian agency RAW which might be present in the country in the form of its agents or the Black Water that is already present in Pakistan.Why we are ignoring this factor and are blaming our own brothers without proper investigation.The foreign forces might be providing the weapons and financial support to create panic in the city and destroying it.Why we are neglecting this factor?We should think on these points seriously that the presence of foreign forces may also be detected but for this purpose we need unity and all the political parties of the province and the country should sit together for the solution of the problem and this blame game should be over now if we want to see peace and stability in the city and the country as well.MQM,Peoples Party and ANP must think this very seriously and they should work together for the security and peace of the city.If they will not sit together and if they will continue the blame game against each other then it will be very hard for the betterment of the whole area.The peace in Karachi is very important for the peace and stability in rest of the country so all the leaders and governments provincial as well as federal must think about this otherwise the circumstances will be out of control.The political parties must work together now, forgetting all their personal clashes and prejudices because the country's survival is just in this unity now otherwise the target is Karachi today and it can also be any other city tomorrow.

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