Tuesday, October 19, 2010


.Leader is a person who starts the work by communicating the policies and plans to the subordinates from where the work actually starts.A leader of a nation is a role model for the whole nation.
Leadership plays very important role for the progress and development of the countries.Leadership in other words encourages the nation.True and sincere leaders bring their nations to the top from the bottom end whereas the corrupt and insincere leaders brings the nations to the earth from the top rank.On the call of sincere leaders the nations always presents the last drop of their blood and they always agree on the decisions of their leaders.Unfortunately we are lacking in the true leadership that serve the nation in true sense.Since independence we are dreaming for a healthy and progressive Pakistan but this dream is still a dream when we see outside the country that the nations who got independence after us this thinking is very shameful for every Pakistani citizen who have pain for the country.The reason for this is that our leaders are not sincere with their country.There were few leaders who had pain for the country,who wanted to see a developed Pakistan but those were shoted or sentenced.We are lacking in all the disciplines due to lack of true and sincere leadership.Sincere leaders are not involved in making money and wealth and their priorities are the nation's progress,development and better image in the outer world but unfortunately the image of our leaders is as the corrupt people.This thing is very insulting for us and our leaders as well but the reality can never be changed.Whenever the elections held in the country every political party promised to bring positive change in the country.The leaders addressed in such a way that people trusted them and elected them as their representatives but what happened after that these honourable and elected members made their governments some went to the opposition seats and started waiting for their own term and in this way this process is still ongoing.In Pakistan mostly it is seen that the son of a leader is also becoming the successor of his forefathers and this process is continuous.One major reason is that the interference of army and martial laws imposed in the country also damaged Pakistan socially and economically.But the reason behind these martial laws is also the failure of our political leadership that the leaders of the nations do not have the potential to handle the things politically.We have never seen that a person from lower class has become our representative in Parliament and this thing has also damaged our state that the people from the lower and middle class are always neglected and the representatives are elected mostly on the basis of personal affiliations,on the basis of family,caste,sects and power..Why is it so?When this process will come to an end?Perhaps no one can answer this.We are waiting for any miracle now that change the history of our homeland.

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